Pierce’s Express Market &
Pierce’s West Express Grocery & Spirits

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Pierce's Express Market

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Pierce's Express Market

Old Elk Wheat Whiskey Hot Stuff Pizza & Snacks Cold Beer Jack Daniels
Old Elk Whiskey

Our Deli / Hotbar is Open!

Our Deli Dining Area is currently closed.

Fresh Brewed Coffee is Always Available

Due to safety concerns it is now kept behind the counter – just ask for a cup!

Dedicated To Keeping You Safe As Possible

We have added distance markers on the floor near our checkouts to let guests know where to stand for 6 feet distance.
We will continue to clean handles, door knobs, etc. at least once an hour and more when necessary.
Our cashiers are cleaning the pin pads after each use.
Everything in our Deli and Bakery has it’s own container for safety.

In an effort to protect our team members, all grocery orders must be packed in single use plastic or paper bags.

Pierce's grocery store banner

For generations the Pierce family has offered goods and services to Baraboo and the surrounding areas.
Our goal is to offer a large selection of quality products with courteous and efficient service.

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