Grand Opening Celebration!

Saturday, Feb. 29th

I would like to say, “Thank you” to:

All our customers – we hope you enjoyed our wonderful Grand Opening!
  • Brian Pierce for all that he has done for a great day!
  • Bill, Phyllis and Mick-for all the advice and assistance that each has provided throughout the years.
  • John for all his hard work and assistance in getting the store ready.
  • Linda, Susan and Carla for assisting with food and passing out free items to customers
  • Lisa for delicious treats and helping us on Saturday! (Also, to whoever made the cake)
  • All our employees that have put in long hours from the beginning and through to our opening day! You are what made all of this, an absolutely fantastic day!

Deanna Miller
Store Manager – Pierces West Express

Prize Winners!

Grand Prize
Free Fuel for a Year!

Get 15 gallons of fuel per week for 52 weeks.
Briana Haskins



Sherly Meyer


Brewer Tickets

Tom Grant

Jeremy Parks – Golf Bag
Jenni Shavely – Golf Bag
Carolyn Radtke – $50 Gift Card
John Hillmer – $50 Gift Card
Joyce Hamkton – $50 Gift Card
Eric Kocovsky – $50 Gift Card
Jo Anne McKeegan – Single Cup Brewer
Terry Winn – Ear buds
Markel Molkentin – New Glarus Coat
Allen Holloway – Coke Sweater
Harding – Bucks Pullover
Beverly Caflisch – Bucks Pullover
Mike Gorski – Sling Chair
Bonita Biech – Reese’s Package
Vierov Kingery – Lunch Cooler
Pam Aaroen – $25 Gift Card

Thank You To All Who Donated

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